I am an eclectic therapist. I have no single therapy that I strictly adhere to, and I purposely pursued my graduate studies in the United States at universities that were renowned for teaching therapy. In Canada, no criticism intended, the emphasis is more on research. Since graduating, I have been accredited to practice the most effective treatment for trauma and abuse. I also have been trained in Eriksonian Trancework.

My overall philosophy is really rather simple. At some time or other in our lives, whether we are fifteen or fifty, we all get stuck, or 'fall into a hole.' I am just like you, perhaps with a few thoughts, techniques and abilities at my disposal that you do not have, simply because you have not had the training.

I view myself as a counsellor, a guide, a consultant, and a facilitator in the process of helping people to release and liberate themselves from life's difficulties. I consider our relationship a mutual one, where, hopefully, I learn as much from you as you do from me.

I have deliberately pursued a multi-faceted clinical practice as opposed to specializing in one field. In almost all cases, and situations, the relationship between us that will hopefully unfold and grow as we work together is the heart and soul of all therapy no matter what the issue.
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